Kech Edwards is an artistic collaboration between textile artist Sabin Kech
and glass artist Philippa Edwards. The partnership began through a friendship
between the two artists and talk of art whilst exchanging tips on
knitting and crocheting – a shared passion. The relationship then developed into a
serious professional dialogue, with both artists adamant about the need to take time
to look and make and move beyond the contemporary pressure for immediacy and surface.
At its essence, the partnership’s focus springs from the ways in which we manage
the social pressures and demands of everyday life.

The collaborative works of Kech Edwards can be likened to a magnifying glass that
scrutinizes our domestic surroundings, taking special notice of
the commonplace that’s often overlooked or disregarded. Through the lens
of their chosen disciplines – Sabin’s education and
experience in textile and colour and Philippa’s in glass – the resulting artworks have
a fragile quality and a strange familiarity. They are objects which are recognisable to
the observer and yet difficult to place.


Sabin Kech and Philippa Edwards both live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands