Marlou Verheijden

I am always looking for new silhouettes. It has to be wearable, but I like to
always have a couple of pieces in my collection that accentuate unusual
shapes and proportions.

‘On your website it says: “Marlou tries to defragment her view, to discover
new silhouettes.” What does that mean?’ Marlou: sometimes I literally
draw a space, somewhere I have been. From there I start designing.
So I take fragments from that drawing and combine them into a new design.
This makes me see things from a different angle. I like the process of making a
3D object like a room into the 2D object of a drawing, into a new 3D object:
a piece of clothing. This feels like a kind of magic to me. Other than that,
I don’t design in a very conceptual way.

Once I graduated from the academy, I was so happy I didn’t have to give a
deeper meaning to everything I made anymore. Now I design things because
they look pretty.
Sometimes in the beginning I still heard the voice of a teacher in my head,
saying “No, Marlou, that’s not how it’s done”. But now, the only advice I
follow is the one my sister gave me. She told me not to be afraid to make
ugly things. This really helps me to find out what I do and don’t like,
it’s a way to build my own style.

tekst PUHA